Quatro Insulated Boot with Chaps by Dan's Hunting Gear®

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Have you ever wanted hipboots that were comfortable to wear and fit properly? Most premade/imported hipboots are a horribly uncomfortable product. Our Dan’s Hunting Gear Froglegs are the answer to your problems.

Five Star Chaps made of 420 Denier Rugged Wear Nylon Shell and 400 denier Waterproof Liner

Snake Protector Chaps are made from 3 layers of 1000 denier Cordura material that we don't believe any snake can penatrate. Industry standard today is two layers.

Quatro Boots
Designed for comfort and durability. With a fiberglass arch, padded sole, one piece technology, and break away cleats, this is a top competitor for the best boot on the market. You will be equipped for any condition or terrain that you are exposed to. Insulated: 6 lbs, Imported.
I have spent many a nights chasing a coondog threw beaver ponds, pine thickets, and just about anywhere most people would not would test during the day with my Dan's Snake Chaps. A couple of years ago, I was hunting by myself as I often do, and my jip came treed about three quarters of a mile from the nearest road. As I was walking to the tree I stepped on a five foot six inch rattle snake. It felt like a grown man punched me on the side of my knee where the rattler struck! I was okay physically after the bite, because of my Dan's Snake Chaps, but I will tell you this I won't be in the woods without my chaps!  Thanks,  Casey, Smithville, Texas

We take your favorite fitting waterproof boot (Muck, Lacrosse, Grub, etc.) and then sew a double layer, guaranteed waterproof chap to the top of the boot choice. We guarantee the connection to the boot as waterproof for a year from date of manufacture.

Whether your needs are a 5* chap (Wick Outdoor Works material), Cordura chap or Snake proof chap we can do it right. The chaps go all the way down to the lower ankle of the boot, providing the boots and your legs with protection from sharp sticks and briars.

Just like magic you have hipboots that are a pleasure to wear for all of your outdoor needs. We have been making these hipboots for many years and have a huge following of satisfied customers.

Hip boots (Froglegs) can be attached to your belt using the attached, adjustable straps at the top of the chaps. We also provide a snap in the chaps, if you desire to fold down your hip boots to knee height.

These chaps are:

  • Tough
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Waterproof
  • Briarproof
  • Bloodproof

To properly get your chap measurement.
Measure with a soft cloth tape, piece of string or a shoelace around the largest part of your thigh. That is usually ½ way between hip and knee. Add 2-3 inches for ability to move and bend comfortably in these hipboots (froglegs).
Please subtract 2-3 inches from your inseam. If they bunch at your boots they will rub at your knees. You will be crabby if they rub together when you walk. Better to be an inch short, than too long.


This Dan’s Hunting Gear clothing is handsewn by Amish craftsmen in the U.S.A. Dan’s Hunting Gear has been outfitting severe use hunters and outdoors people for over 25 years.


100% Made in America, Satisfaction Guaranteed!!!