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  • Lacrosse boot repair kit -1210

    Our boots and waders are tough, but if you ever need a minor repair we've got you covered. • Insulated to -40°F • Added traction insert • Shock absorbing   Please contact Windwalker Outdoors by phone at 866.449.7445 or by...

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  • Dan's Hunting Gear - 1211 - Bama Sokkets | Windwalker Outdoors | Montana U.S.A.

    Dan's Hunting Gear - 1211 - Bama Sokkets

    How Bama Sokkets keep feet warm and dry:Waterproof boots, if truly waterproof, cannot breathe; therefore, the foot perspires creating dampness. XTRATUF BAMA SOKKETS solve the problem. They are made in layers which allow perspiration to pass through...

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  • Dan's Hunting Gear - 1213 - Leg Strap | Windwalker Outdoors | Montana U.S.A

    Dan's Hunting Gear - 1213 - Leg Strap

    Keep your pant legs from sliding up as you pull your boots on.  Fully adjustable Velcro closure on this non-slip nylon ankle strap.  One size fits most. This Dan’s Hunting Gear clothing is handsewn by Amish craftsmen in the U.S.A...

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