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Who is Windwalker Outdoors?

Kurt A. Kraft (Windwalker) is a lifelong hunter, NRA Life Member, conservationist, outdoorsman and lover of wild places. I currently live in Northern Montana and am “living the dream”. I have been in Montana almost 10 years and am planning on staying forever.

I am very involved with raising, training and hunting with my German Wirehair Pointers. Please check out

I also am a very avid wildlife and western landscape photographer. Please check out some of the fun places I have been and the awesome wildlife I have on my playground.

All of my outdoor products at Windwalker Outdoors are affordable top quality hunting gear that meet or exceeds my stringent quality control and use specifications. At Windwalker Outdoors I don't strive to have everything. I only handle products that I personally believe are the best in their class. I have done my very best to get you the quality outdoor products that I personally use at Windwalker Outdoors. If I won't use a product, I won't sell that product, but I am committed to growing this business with the great outdoors and hunting gear that my customers want.

Whenever possible I promote products that carry the "Made in the USA" label.

It is an exciting time at Windwalker Outdoors. Please check back often, I am committed to you, my customers.

Please feel free to call at any time to discuss dogs, hunting, outdoor apparel or just to say hi.

Kurt A. Kraft
P.O. Box 1014
Shelby, Montana 59474
866.449.7445 toll free…406.434.7104 office