Dan's Hunting Gear Bama Sokkets

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How Bama Sokkets keep feet warm and dry:

Waterproof boots, if truly waterproof, cannot breathe; therefore, the foot perspires creating dampness. XTRATUF BAMA SOKKETS solve the problem. They are made in layers which allow perspiration to pass through. The moisture comes in contact with the boot where it condenses to water which is then absorbs by the outer layer of tough, cotton knit. The inner layer is water-resistant acrylic which acts as an insulator against damp and cold. The foot stays dry, warm, and comfortable. (Imported)

  • Sokkets are to be worn over wool socks
  • Available in boot sizes.
  • Hand wash gently in warm water, drip or hang to dry. DO NOT dry in a dryer!!!

Size 8 -15


Bama Sokkets are best in applications where rubber slip-on boots are worn for long periods of time. I have numerous customers wearing these for 10-12 hours per day. The advantage is that perspiration has an opportunity to move away from the foot area keeping your feet drier and warmer. They also take up approximately a ½ boot size, so if your boots are loose these will make them tighter and more comfortable. If you wear rubber boots for long periods daily you may try to have 2 pair of these. That way you can rinse one pair out and they can dry while wearing the other pair. Windwalker