Krapp Strap

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DISCOVER THE ULTIMATE OUTDOOR EXPERIENCE - Say hello to the Krapp Strap, proudly MADE IN THE USA and revolutionizing your outdoor adventures. Transcend the days of discomfort and tree-hugging; let our portable camping toilet redefine your outdoor comfort zone.

TRANSFORM 'BUSINESS' INTO PLEASURE - With an extra-large padded backrest, the Krapp Strap turns discomfort into leisure. Our durable camping gear accessory - a sturdy nylon tree strap - provides a hands-free bathroom break. Embrace this American-made game-changer in outdoor gear.

EXPERIENCE UNMATCHED CONVENIENCE - Forget fumbling for supplies. With two strategically located pockets, our portable potty keeps your necessities within reach. Remain prepared for nature's call, each and every time with this USA-made innovation.

DEPENDABLE STRENGTH AND DURABILITY - High-quality nylon construction supports up to 400 lbs, offering robust reliability. Whether you're hunting or camping, trust in the strength of this essential piece of your outdoor adventure gear, designed and made in the USA.

VERSATILITY FOR ALL YOUR ADVENTURES - Ideal for hunting, camping, cycling, or fishing, the Krapp Strap caters to your lifestyle. Our travel toilet includes a weatherproof storage bag, ready for your adventures, regardless of conditions. Experience the reliability of American craftsmanship.

COMPACT AND TRAVEL-READY - Enclosed in a stylish, lightweight drawstring bag, the Krapp Strap ensures portability. Answer nature's call without the hassle of bulky equipment; this is the essential, portable accessory for every adventurer, crafted with pride in the USA.

EMBRACE THE NEW STANDARD - Bid farewell to uncomfortable outdoor bathroom alternatives. With the Krapp Strap, experience unprecedented comfort and convenience. This isn't just an outdoor convenience tool; it's the ultimate solution for nature's call, proudly made in the USA.