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Waterfowl Chokes

Comp N Choke Waterfowl Choke


Whether you're hunting ducks or geese, Comp-N-Choke has you covered with slot-ported chokes that will give you recoil reduction as well as denser, more consistent patterns. Our unique combination of conical and parallel internal construction works hand in hand with the slot ported extended portion. Our waterfowl choke recommendations are based on the shooting distance that you wish to achieve.  Comp-N-Choke delivers superior patterning, reduced recoil, as well muzzle jump reduction.

  • Improved Cylinder (out to 30 yards)
  • Modified (decoying - out to 40 yards)
  • Full (Mid-range…20-50 yards)
  • X Full (Pass shooting 30-60 yards)