Dan's Hunting Gear Rugged Wear Hood

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Country of Origin:
Amish Made in USA
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These hoods are designed to fit the new "Rugged Wear" coats. They will fit all of the Dan's Hunting Gear coats. The coloring is a lighter brown in color. They are not an exact color match with the Original Dan's coats. 

This legendary fabric was idolized by many hunter and outdoors people as "Wick Outdoor Works" clothing. Known by many as Dan's "5 Star clothing" and now as Dan's Rugged Wear. It is sure to become as legendary as it's predecessor.

This Dan’s Hunting Gear clothing is handsewn by Amish craftsmen in the U.S.A. Dan’s Hunting Gear has been outfitting severe use hunters and outdoors people for over 25 years.


Just a little friendly advice regarding the washing of these clothes: DO NOT dry them in the dryer; they will shrink at least one size, maybe two. You will be disgusted, but your kids will be proud of their new clothes.


100% Made in America, Satisfaction Guaranteed