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Interest To Outdoorsmen

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Hunters are dedicated responsible citizens who enjoy hunting and respect wildlife and the outdoors they abide by hunting laws and codes of ethics. They must not be mistaken for poachers who kill or wound animals illegally. Hunters are active conservationists who spend their time and money in the field working together at protecting wildlife resources, endangered species and the great outdoors.

"The bird hunter watches only the dog, and always knows where the dog is, whether or not visible at the moment. The dog’ nose is the bird hunter's eye. Many hunters who carry a shotgun in season have never learned to watch the dog, or interpret his reaction to scent." Aldo Leopold, Round River

Please check out these websites (you will be glad you did!!)

Please pay attention to what is happening in America today!!!

American Survival Guide

Gun Dog Sites

Bird Dogs Forever


Verein Deutsch Drahthaar - Group North America

Deutsch-Drahthaar Central

North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association Montana Chapter

German Wirehair Alliance

Shock Kennels

State Wildlife Agency's

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks

South Dakota- Game, Fish, Parks

North Dakota Game and Fish

National Wildlife Organizations

Delta Waterfowl

Ducks Unlimited

Pheasants Forever

Ruffed Grouse Society

Outdoor Magazines/ Books/ Forums/Outdoor pictures

From Bear Creek

Gun Dog Magazine

The Pointing Dog Journal

The Retriever Journal

Awesome Outdoors Photography

Shooting Sports Organizations

National Rifle Association

US Sportsmans Alliance

National Shooting Sports Foundation

Windwalker Favorites

This young man is talented beyond belief. If you are so inclined, please thank him.

We definitely need more young people of his caliber!! "Original Web Site of the Freedom*Rock In Rural Iowa


AccuWeather.com Radar Center

Rainbows Bridge -Pet Memorial

We are proud members representing:

National Rifle Association

US Sportsmans Alliance

Delta Waterfowl

Versatile Hunting Dog Federation

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