Quack Attack Gloves

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Quack Attack's entire glove line features:

  • Gloves that are waterproof – guaranteed for the life of the glove
  • Gloves with liners that won’t pull-out-ever 
  • The moister barrier is “silent” during temperature changes while remaining waterproof and dexterous
  • Touchscreen sensitive thumb and index finger tips
  • Waterproof (yet breathable) moisture barriers
  • Convenient water-resistant zipper on the back allows easy insertion of HotHands® hand warmers for greater comfort in really cold weather
  • Fingers that meet the tips of the glove for that ‘Wow Dexterity’
  • More sizes to choose from. From S to 3XL. Our gloves just fit better!
Quack Attack Glove Sizing Guide

Our goal is to size Quack Attack Gloves to fit your hands perfectly. Our gloves are designed to provide a high level of dexterity.  If your gloves do not fit properly, you will not enjoy the maximum level of dexterity and comfort. Your index fingers should reach to the tip of the glove. No excess material should be ‘flapping’ after you put on the gloves.   

Quack Attack Gloves are available in sizes S to 3XL.  Please use the chart below to determine your perfect glove size.




If you are undecided about the proper size, order the size you think is best.  If the glove doesn’t fit, we will replace with another size, free of any cost to you. Your satisfaction is our goal.