Blind Accessories

  • Dan's Hunting Gear - 1200 - Briarproof Gear Bag | Windwalker Outdoors | Montana U.S.A.

    Dan's Hunting Gear Gear Bag

    It is truly a heavyweight, almost indestructible bag. Perfect for those wet nights in camp (keeping your valuables dry) or use for hunting gear, decoys, etc. This bag’s outer layer is made from Magnatuff (Cordura), then double layered with a...

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  • Dan's Hunting Gear - 2200 - Boot Bag   | Windwalker Outdoors | Montana U.S.A.

    Dan's Hunting Gear Boot Bag

    Have you have ever struggled to change from regular footwear into hip boots or outdoor boots while doing a balancing act to keep from getting your feet dirty or wet? Then ended your ballerina act with a disaster from the elements, this bag was designed...

  • Dan's Hunting Gear - 2201 - Collar bag  | Windwalker Outdoors in Montana

    Dan's Hunting Gear Collar Bag

    Dan’s Hunting Gear Collar bag. Dan’s has named it their collar bag but it has many more uses. Dan’s has designed a bag that works very well for all of the expensive electronic gear that many of us have accumulated. By using this...